The Intarweb

In-tar-web [in-tar-web]
noun. Internet slang spelling of internet. The first use of this phrase is disputed.
  1. Intentional misspelling for 'internet' usually used when making fun of people who are technologically impaired. OMG! Teh Intarweb si down!!11! All of my AOL Blast Capacity leaked out!
  2. Tongue-in-cheek reference to the Internet.
    Etymology: Bastardized version of "InterWeb", which is a combination of Internet and the Web (which is in turn colloquial term for "World Wide Web"). Urbandictionary? It's one of those things on the intarweb, right?
  3. The world's largest porn database. Sometimes known as the "Internet". Will you install the intarweb on my computer?
  4. Usually used in a sarcastic method, it is also used to tease internet-illiterate people and other people who cannot speak simple english. I've usually thought of this as a combination of intranet and world wide web, an intranet being similar to the internet, but it is shared on a LAN rather than the WAN. omg u b0rk t3h intarw3b!!1!!11!shift+one!1!!
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